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Android AMF Library
  1. Add AMF messaging support.
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Android RTMP library
RTMP Library provides the implementation of the RTMP protocol on Android with interfaces for streaming online audio and video contents. Application can have direct control over media buffers enabling integration with third party or proprietary DRM solutions. The library also facilitates support for range of audio video codec. It offers publishing of live audio using which android based audio chat; public announcing system etc can be developed. The library is integrated with Adobe Flash Media Server family products.
The Need
The Android platform lacks support for streaming protocol, which makes it difficult to stream live audio / video to Android enabled devices. As android expands itself from mobile phones and to other embedded products, support for real time messaging framework would also be essential.
The library uses the Real time messaging protocol (RTMP) from Adobe for streaming audio, video and data over internet. This also facilitates Audio / video streaming, Remote procedure calls, Messaging and communication using shared objects.

Usage Scenarios
  • Collaboration software having video conferencing, audio /video streaming, text chat generally used in education, enterprise and government sectors.
  • Surveillance systems where live streaming of video feed, clip management, snap shot of live stream etc is desired
  • Virtual class rooms where users can learn, contribute (audio + video) in a class room from remote locations using desktop PCs, even a mobile phone or a embedded mobile device.
  • Set top box applications like recipes, media library (video on demand), interactive learning etc.
Instructions to use the library
  • Statically link the library to your android applications.
  • The evaluation version allows streaming 2MB of data. The registered version has no such restriction.
Roadmap of the library
  • Successful porting of SDL library on android is completed. This helps to display video streams captured from various interfaces/protocols like RTMP, DVB, DVR.
  • Currently work is in progress for porting ffmpeg on android and make it available to RTMP library and other applications through JNI interfaces.
  • To download latest version  click here.  No need to register it!