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Aftek SpyGuard - Lights, Camera and Caught
Aftek Spyguard is a small, simple, easy to use video, alarm, notification, all-in-one security system. It helps you to keep a watch on your home, office or shop while you are away.
The Need

Ever wondered if there could be a device that would keep a watch on your home? Are you seeking an automated system to look after your home and provide alerts of all the activities that take place when you're away? Look no further, as you are now rewarded with Aftek SpyGuard! - A simple and easy solution to all your security related questions.


Aftek SpyGuard satisfies all your needs of a personalized security system. With a convenience to mount on the ceiling or wall, Aftek SpyGuard renders uninterrupted monitoring of your home or shop. As soon as Aftek SpyGuard detects a break-in, it sounds a hooter that would not only scare the intruder but would also alert your neighbors. It also records video clips or images of intruders that would assist in nabbing them.

Aftek SpyGuard has a unique "silent alarm" feature which keeps you safe in a hijack/hostage situation. It would send intrusion alert using SMS but would not sound an alarm that avoids aggravating the intruders to harm home members.

Additionally, Aftek SpyGuard can be equipped with features like motion sensor and GSM modem for enhanced security. Motion sensor monitors human movement in its vicinity and Aftek SpyGuard records video clips the moment it detects some movements. With the help of a GSM modem, you can get various alerts and alarms via SMS - even while you are away. The GSM modem allows you to operate Aftek SpyGuard remotely by sending simple SMS messages. It also allows you to directly access video clips of your home which get uploaded on the Aftek SpyGuard portal when you are away.

  • Records video clips (6-10 images per second)
  • Sounds hooter or alarm when someone attempts to break-in
  • Sends SMS to your cell during intrusions
  • Silent alarm (hijack or hostage situation)
  • SMS notification on your kids arrival
  • Simple and convenient user interface
  • Notification when the main door remains open
  • Internal battery backup
  • Operational ease with remote control
  • Wired or wireless motion sensor capturing human movements in its monitoring area
  • GSM modem - for alerts and remotely control Aftek SpyGuard using SMS
  • Additional battery can be added
  • SpyGuard portal spyguard.aftek.com
  • Call-me service

Aftek SpyGuard
Technical Details
  • Motion sensor - PIR
  • Camera - 0.3 mega pixel MJPEG with VGA and QVGA support
  • Storage - USB 1.1
  • Visual indications - Multicolor LED on front panel
  • Battery - Lithium Polyester
Key Skills and Expertise
  • Hardware architecture, design and development
  • Embedded Linux porting and tuning for SBC2410
  • Interfacing MJPEG and encapsulation of MJPEG data to AVI container
  • Infrared communication
  • GSM communication
Aftek SpyGuard
Aftek SpyGuard provides affordable and convenient security solutions for home or small office establishments.